Welcome to 2dSearch

Thanks for coming!

What you see here is the work of many hands, and the culmination of many years of thought, experimentation and research. We are convinced that there are better ways to deliver 'advanced' search, and are passionate about building tools that offer new and creative solutions to complex search problems.

We don't claim to have got everything right, of course -  what you see in 2dSearch is a work in progress and we welcome feedback. Moreover, it’s an MVP, and in that respect represents a just a fraction of things you might expect to see in a polished product. We have a host of things in the pipeline, and we’ll be sharing details of those in due course.

But in advance of that, we welcome first impressions, both positive and negative, and attempts to ‘break’ it. Feel free to respond directly via the in-app feedback widget, or via the contact form.  If anything is unclear, have a look at the FAQ, or just send us a note. And if you like what you see, tell your colleagues, and sign up for updates!

Tony Russell-Rose