Our expertise combines techniques from the worlds of data visualization, artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop novel solutions for search and information retrieval.

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Dr. Tony Russell-Rose

Technology innovator with extensive experience in information retrieval and search. PhD in text analytics / natural language processing. Specialist skills in user experience, HCI and human factors. Co-author of "Designing the Search Experience: the Information Architecture of Discovery", published by Elsevier. 


Dr. Phil Gooch

Over 20 years' experience in researching, designing and developing transformative content solutions for publishing, education, and technology companies. In addition to developing automated, accurate citation systems for Mendeley and RefMe, he led the development of Babylon Health's state-of-the-art clinical natural language understanding engine, and designed the technology behind Oxford Dictionaries' Lexical Engine and Platform (LEAP).


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Martin Willitts

Web software specialist with extensive experience of technical architecture, managing software development and hands-on coding. With a passion is for creating software solutions that provide something useful via the internet, Martin has has worked with many startup-ups and early stage companies.  Previous experience includes mobile operators and large IT consultancies with a focus on technical architecture and full-stack development of web-based solutions.